Need assistance with your research project or refresh your statistics knowledge?

This website offers assistance with a variety of options from statistics review to getting started with SPSS.

1: Provides a review in research designs, basic statistics/testing, & SPSS.

2: Get assistance in choosing a statistical test.

Statistical tests have specific requirements in order for them to be appropriate for use. The decision tree will assist you in selecting a basic statistics test by having you answer several simple questions. These questions are meant to assist you in thinking your way through the selection process.

3: Download a PDF of a topic in designs, stats, SPSS, &/or decision tree.

If you like or need to have a physical copy of a specific section(s) or a diagram of the decision tree, you are able to download PDF's of them for your own use.

4: Listing of external resources for further assistance.

There is no single best method to learn about research and statistics. Therefore, the resources that have been used for this website are posted for you:

Heiman, G. (2001). Research Methods in Psychology (3rd ed.). Cengage Learning.

Cronk, B. (2011). How to use SPSS (7th ed.). Pyrczak.

Aron, A., Aron, E., & Coups, E. (2005). Statistics for Psychology (4th ed.). Pearson.

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