Statistics Decision Tree

Complete the form below to find out what test you need to run. This is not a comprehensive statistical test repository. It can only tell you about the most common and basic statistical tests, such as, ANOVAs, Chi Squared, Correlations, Regressions, and t-tests. Note: If you recieve a notice of "You should run a Unknown", please consult an advanced statistics book.

Experiments Section:

1. What level or measurement is your dependent variable?

Interval (i.e. 1.5 ml of soda in a can)

Nominal (i.e. Categories: Males and Females)

Ordinal (i.e. Ranks: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)

Ratio (i.e. 1 marble)

2. What type of design are you using?

Between-subjects (No repeated measures-Participants only get one variation of the independent variable)

Within-subjects (Repeated measures-Participants get all variations of the independent variable in random order)

Determining if there is a relationshipe between variables (i.e. Income and GPA)

Using ONLY ONE variable to predict another (i.e. Using GRE scores to predict graduate school GPA)

Using MORE THAN ONE variable to predict another (i.e. Using tempurature, precipitation, and fertilizer amounts to predict grain yields)

Comparing a mean of a sample to an already known population (i.e. Comparing ACT scores of students in one state against that of the entire country)

3. How many groups do you have?

I am not using groups (choose if you are looking for relationships, predictions, or comparing a sample to a know populaiton)


3 or more

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